Terms & Conditions

eSprayMe is very much committed to protecting all your personal information with control on your privacy choices.

Below 18?

Ask your parents or guardians older than 18 and with an existing and valid eSprayMe account to create your events like Birthday, Prom, Graduation, etc  on your behalf for you to celebrate you and/or your friends.

Why? This is a Social Media site that requires a valid Bank Account to receive your spraying gifts or donations and under age 18 generally can only have a bank account through the parents or guardians

You Must Be 18 or Over To Create an eSprayMe account.

Never share your password, send your password to people, or allow others access to your eSprayMe account. eSprayMe account is not transferable.

Always stick to the same you are known with and use in your daily life. Accurate information about yourself is required and only one account belonging to only you is required in your event wall for your own personal use only. 

Do not use this media to scam or defraud people. Call celebrants on phone to validate their events before committing to give, spray them money or establish any kind of relationship.

Indecent or provocative display of self in public is prohibited.


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