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What’s the occasion? We are here for you to make the occasion special for you by connecting you with families & friends far or near across the globe. Enjoy the Ride!!

Your Candle-Lit Dinner Proposal is no longer difficult for her not to say Yes while others watch remotely and spray you with gifts and cash as you celebrate your relationship

You’re able to Go Live as the whole world watch you and your guests. Shopping is no longer difficult as you are able to shop for the celebrants and yourself.


Celebrating your event of any kind is no longer a difficult situation. All participants of your event, including the guests, benefit from eSprayMe EventsApp. Our Hologram Technology is a wonderland and we are ready to bring this to your door-steps. You’re welcome to Event Magic World. Name your event that eSprayMe app is not able to cover. We cover them all.


Weddings & Parties

You are welcome to celebrate your wedding and parties on eSprayMe app without any hitch and get sprayed virtually from any part of the world with alerts on your phone and money in your bank account

  • Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Welcome Party
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding ceremony and Reception
  • Day After Brunch
  • etc.

Wish Birthday

Never look far if all your friends and family can’t be available in your Birthday Party. You’ll be amazed to see them in your room or event location. How about money in your account as you get sprayed?


Our Location

eSprayMe website and mobile application is launched with a promise to revolutionize the world of event management through virtual conferencing. eSprayMe is a product of eSprayMe Incorporation, headquartered in Texas, USA while we have country managers and Associates across the continents

Product Offering

eSprayMe is designed for event hosts and attendees of social and corporate events to meet, network and celebrate seamlessly.

By simply signing up on the eSprayMe app and website, subscribers can plan events, distribute invite links on their social media platforms, remotely engage the services of workers in the events industry, host it virtually on eSprayMe, and receive cash gifts all on the eSprayMe platform.

All event hosts on the platform would have a unique QR-Code that attendees can scan to virtually spray monetary gifts. This virtual platform adheres to national policies on currency use.

The eSprayMe platform offers time and cost savings of organizing and attending events, as users can navigate from one event to another on the eSprayMe web and mobile app. Users would be notified of public events holding within their location, and would have the option to attend virtually.

Celebrants have the option of holding events that are open to the public, or creating a personalized invite link to selected guests only.

eSprayMe is synchronized with the social media pages of subscribers to easily share invite links to guests and live stream events.

This innovative eSprayMe app deploys a first-of its kind Hologram Technology. This means that a three-dimensional projection of guests, hosts, and performers would appear on the virtual platform as though they were all in the same room on eSprayMe. Pictures of guests can also be taken together using this technology.

eSprayMe presents job opportunities for merchants trading in goods and services, event engineers, managers, advertisers, speech writers, Disk Jockeys, Master of Ceremonies, etc.

Corporate bodies, small and medium enterprises as well as individuals can advertise their products on services on eSprayMe, during and after events.

Simply download the eSprayMe app on your mobile phone or access the website on eSprayMe.com to sign up and celebrate.

Merits Of eSprayMe

  1. Monetary gifts are transferred securely, eliminating the spraying of fakecurrencies on artistes, comedians, celebrants, and the diabolical spraying of cash.
  2. On eSprayMe, guests can attend from anywhere in the world.
  3. Hosts can live stream events from eSprayMe to their social media platforms.
  4. The eSprayMe platform ensures adherence to government regulations on War Against Defacing and Abusing the currency, while giving subscribers the opportunity to enjoy our culture of spraying money at events.
  5. eSprayMe enables subscribers hold social and corporate events online via Hologram technology.
  6. eSprayMe ensures security by eliminating the need to carry large sums of cash at event locations, and prevents money lauding.
  7. The eSprayMe platforms creates jobs foreSprayMe event Engineers (EEE)to manage and set up the holographic equipment at different event locations worldwide.
  8. eSprayMe presents more business opportunities for merchants selling goods & services and shoppers buying from eSprayMe e-Store.
  9. Companies and individuals are able to advertise their goods and services during and after events.
  10. Local and foreign currencies can be sprayed on eSprayMe.
  11. eSprayMe gives hosts the option to customize their event based on themes.
  12. eStore allows merchants sell new and used event items and services.
  13. Hosts and guests would receive reports after the event.
  14. eSprayMe provides jobs for our youths. We train them on using Holographic materials as they cover events using these materialWe have all event jobs for both professionals and artisans. Check us out and be amazed.


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