About Us

About Us

eSprayMe Inc, with  HQ in Texas, USA provides a superior Web & mobile Event app designed to bring event celebrants, guests and other event players together to interact in one single portal. eSprayMe.com is a highly Cost Effective and revenue generation Event App  for all event players.  eSprayMe.com is a global online  We store event places in our silos for event goers to explore using our eSprayMe GPS.

 A web & mobile event app designed to bring event celebrants and guests together to interact in one single portal

Every on-going and upcoming nearest event appears on your phone as a beep or notification with mile distance based on the present location using your phone GPS. 

Moving from one place to another or one city to another, you should see any event you  can attend or crash but with the approval of the celebrant .

People can also search event by locations

Imagine money coming from your mobile phone when you spray celebrants or people in an event without having to carry cash, spray cash straight from your phone and money is deposited in the celebrant's bank account instantly. 

This is an app that enables an event  celebrant to be sprayed directly from a mobile phone with money in different currencies by event guests/invitees from any part of the world VIRTUALLY and invitees can attend virtually through Hologram or Virtually and In-Person. 

We are innovatively altering the way the whole wide world perceives events management   and are able to save them time, cost, and generate money. This helps them actively improve their lives and event performance with our innovative new technology, tools and practices.

Some of the features of the app are available in the second release which is currently WIP.

eSprayMe Purpose

eSprayMe Vision

Delivering the Mission


The App

Celebrants invite friends, make it shareable by friends and can also be a private event with selected guests on eSprayMe. eSprayMe is connected to all social media for celebrants to send event invites to guests and invitees


Why eSprayMe

Other Advantages of eSprayMe continues

Money Gift Hand Delivered to Celebrant by event guests on eSprayMe

If money gift is hand delivered or by any other medium other than e-SprayMe, and donor want it to still pass Thru e-SprayMe after delivery thru any of those media, celebrant should be able to queue it for donor before the event to enable donor to eSpray the celebrant virtually. Mode of donation flag = N, eSpray Queue Flag =y. Fee=Free..